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Claire Berry Consulting provides personalised medical interview training for:
  • Consultants
  • Fellows
  • Specialist Entry
  • Basic and Advanced Training
  • Junior Doctors
  • Medical Student Applicants

As trained interview coaches, with over 15 years interviewing experience, including 13 years in the medical sector, we have coached over 1,000 individuals and have a proven success record.

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Despite the limited number of places in surgical training programs in 2016, we assisted clients to achieve places on every surgical and medical training program including General, Cardiothoracic, Plastic, Orthopaedics, Paediatric, Urology, Vascular and Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Cardiology and Neurology.

In 2016 many of our clients were ranked in the top 5 in Australia in their SET training interviews. Our clients provided overwhelming feedback that this would not have been possible without training with Claire Berry Consulting. An example of feedback from one of our clients is below, see testimonials for more details.

Claire was the major reason I was successful in the interview process. I have no doubt about it. Because of the sessions we did together, I was able to rank second in the selection process for my specialty. She is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone looking to excel in their SET interview.” Successful Surgical Candidate 2016.

For the last five years, we are proud to have assisted students gain entry into every Australian medical school. In 2016, many of our clients achieved medical school and physiotherapy placements in Australian Universities, including Melbourne, Monash, Deakin, Adelaide, University of NSW, Sydney, JMP, Flinders, Notre Dame, University of Wollongong and JCU. Many of our clients were offered over three places at different medical schools. View more testimonials.

Why choose us?

No other training provider has our track record of success in surgical and Consultant interview training.

We are trusted because of the expertise and individual program that we design for every different client.

We consult Consultants, specialists in medical ethics and negligence, past successful clients and latest research in the field to ensure your answers are truly competitive.

We can help you to excel in your medical interview.


  • “Claire gave me an excellent understanding of how to formulate and structure good answers to difficult questions. The coaching sessions gave me the confidence I needed and I have never walked out of an interview feeling so good. I now have my dream job!” Successful 2017 Radiology Registrar

  • Claire was spot on with her advice regarding the ethics style interview question. Thanks to Claire’s support and expertise, my interview answers were well prepared. I scored highly in my interviews and I was offered the job that I wanted! Unaccredited Surgical Registrar position, NSW

  • I just want to say, the practice with you definitely helped! I got offered two jobs this year as opposed to one last year!  Thank you once again for your help. I will definitely contact you again when I need to more practice sessions. Unaccredited Registrar, Eastern Health

  • I excelled in the interview. I got the training position thanks to Claire’s training and advice. Successful 2016 Advanced Training Cardiology Applicant

  • “I managed to get that radiology registrar job that I was going for and I’m really enjoying it. Many thanks again for your help in preparing for the interview – it made a huge difference. I will recommend you to anyone about to do a medical job interview!” Successful Radiology Registrar, Major Metropolitan Hospital

  • “Just wanted to let you know that the interview skills you provided me with are extremely translatable for future interviews! I have received great feedback from the panel who said it was one of the best they have seen in their lives! They said I was extremely clear and well considered in my responses and I sold my skills perfectly. I couldn’t have done it without you Claire, so thank you.” Successful Consultant, Major Metropolitan Hospital 2016

  • “I choose you over other providers because you seemed to offer the best service and had excellent reviews.” Successful Consultant, Major Metropolitan Hospital 2016

  • “I improved a lot from last year and increased my interview ranking by over 30 places. I feel like I couldn’t have done anything else differently and got my first choice of training places.” Successful 2016 General Surgery candidate


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  • “I wanted to thank you again for your assistance with my preparation for the RANZCOG training program interview. Very excitingly I was successful in my application for a Victorian training position for 2017. I found your approach to be very individual, targeted and well informed. I felt that you were able to quickly help me to identify my strengths and incorporate them into my answers in a way that ensured I was addressing the selection criteria and most importantly answering the question! Your help was invaluable, I can’t thank you enough. I wish you all the best with your consulting business, I am sure you will contribute to many more people achieving their dreams!” Successful 2016 candidate Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • “I just wanted to let you know I have formally been offered a place. I truly believe the skills and advice you gave me helped immensely to guide my practice and get a place at University of Wollongong.” Successful Medical School Applicant, University of Wollongong, 2016


  • “I have just received an email offering me a place at Notre Dame for next year!!! I cannot thank you enough for all of the incredible insight and assistance that you provided me prior to my interview, I felt a lot more relaxed walking in knowing what was expected of me and it definitely paid off. So thank you again, you help was invaluable and I’m so grateful for your wisdom and it helping me get a place in Medicine!!” Successful Medical School Applicant, Notre Dame University, 2016

  • “I am very happy to say that I have received an offer from Melbourne to study physiotherapy and I can’t thank you enough! I was so well prepared for the interview thanks to the session I attended. There were a couple of stations that I absolutely know I would have stumbled on had it not been for the exceptional guidance and strategies provided by you. Even had I not got in, I would still highly recommend your course to any aspiring physio or doctor dreaming of going to Melbourne – it was sensational!” Successful Physiotherapy Applicant, University of Melbourne, 2016

  • “Before attending the small group session in September I felt hesitant with my preparation and nervous for the interview. Claire helped me gain understanding of how to approach questions, of which questions might be likely to come up, and gave me constructive feedback on my answers. On my actual interview day, I was able to go in feeling confident and well prepared. Thank you for helping me feel like it was possible!” Successful Medical School Applicant, Monash University, 2016

  • “The training sessions that I had with Claire no doubt helped me succeed with my Paediatric Surgery interview. Her personalised approach and thorough knowledge of the expectations of the College of Surgeons and specifically the Board of Paediatric Surgery were invaluable. I highly recommend working with Claire to achieve your goal.” Successful 2016 candidate Paediatric Surgery

  • “The training sessions I had with Claire were instrumental in helping me gain the confidence needed for my interviews and gaining an intern position at my first preference hospital. Our sessions were tailored to my needs and were informative, collaborative and flexible. Not only was she able to provide me with important interview skills but she also provided valuable insight into the different health services. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone with an upcoming interview!”
    Successful 2016 Intern Melbourne Health
  • “Thank you so much for all your assistance, I’m thrilled, I got into the Radiology program! Your personalised one-on-one training gave me an independent critique of my specific responses which I found to be incredibly useful. The structured format of your program and the detailed feedback you provided regarding preparing responses was incredibly insightful, particular for the generic interview questions.” Successful 2016 Radiology candidate, Major Metropolitan Hospital
  • “I have no doubt Claire’s interview training is the reason I was successful in getting a surgical training post. With her thorough research into my specialty she gave me the skills to develop a systematic approach to answering questions and made sure I was perfectly prepared to sit the interview. In such a highly competitive field, Claire was definitely the difference in gaining a post and I couldn’t thank her enough.” Successful 2015 Otolaryngology Head and Neck SET Training client 

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  • “I would not have been able to succeed in the interview of Radiography and Medical Imaging without your guidance. Thank you for helping me to get into my dream course at Monash University.” Successful Medical School Applicant, Monash University, 2016 Monash University Successful Medical School Applicant
  • “I just wanted to let you know that I was offered one of the 50 spots in the Monash graduate entry MBBS degree. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful preparation and support you provided me, as without it I would not have entered the interview feeling so prepared, or excited afterwards, feeling that I had given it my best shot. I am extremely happy and grateful to you. Thank you for everything.” Successful Medical School Applicant, Monash University, 2015
  • “I’m very happy to share some exciting news with you – I’ve been offered a position at Wollongong for next year! So happy, thank you for your guidance I found it very useful in the lead up to the interview. Thank you kindly!” Successful Medical School Applicant, University of Wollongong, 2015

  • “I just got an offer from Melbourne University for a rural place. I wanted to thank you for everything and can’t really express my appreciation. I really thank you for the course and the confidence you gave me with your words.” Successful Medical School Applicant, University of Melbourne, 2015

  • “Thank you very much for all of your help. I’m pleased to advise that I have been successful in gaining a spot for Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University for 2016. The help you provided during my preparation process guided me towards obtaining my goals and I cannot thank you enough! I have been, and will continue to recommend your fantastic service. Again, thank you for the help and the tips, and for giving me the confidence that I needed for my interview.” Christine Inaldo, Successful Medical School Applicant, Flinders University, 2015

  • “I was successful in getting a job as an Anaesthetic Registrar. Thanks very much for your help with interview preparation!” Successful 2015 Anaesthetic Registrar

  • “Again, a big heartfelt thanks to you for all your help Claire! Keep up your good work!” Successful 2015 Surgical Candidate

  • “I just got offered a position! Your support and advice gave me the confidence to perform at my best for the interview process. Thanks again for all your help!” Successful 2015 Urology Applicant


  • “Thank you very much for your time and effort to help me with my interview. I found these sessions really very helpful and was able to give my interview with more confidence and was not as scared as i was before. Once again, thank you very much.” Monash University Medical School Applicant, December 2014

  • “I found this session really helpful and learnt a lot about how to deal with certain questions. I got to focus on the interview style of the university I was going to give the interview for and I gained more confidence with the practice questions that were done during the session.” Monash University Medical School Applicant, December 2014

  • “Claire’s help was a key part of me being successful in my application. The interview practice we did ensured I was prepared for all types of questions, gave well thought-out answers and went into the interview feeling confident.” Dr Liam, Successful Applicant, Urology Trainee Specialist, Epworth Hospital

  • “In the highly competitive application process for sub-speciality surgical training, Claire was an exceptional interview coach. She had thoroughly prepared for each session to offer sound advice. Claire was attentive, intuitive, methodical and a skilled communicator who provided much insight!” Urology Trainee Specialist, Successful Applicant

  • “From participating in Claire’s  group interview training session for Monash University you can develop an understanding of what the interviewers are looking for and become much more competent in answering difficult questions. The presenters have a strong understanding of what is required to stand out.” Monash University Medical School Applicant, December 2014
  • “By attending Claire’s small group medical interview training session I got a first-hand experience as to what the medical interview for Monash University will be like. The presenters were friendly, encouraging and the session was beneficial in the preparation for my January interview.” Monash University Medical School Applicant, December 2014
  • “The small group interview training session Claire conducted gave me an insight into Monash University MMI’s and allowed me to know how to approach questions. I can now sit my interview in January with confidence. Thank you very much.” Monash University Medical School Applicant, December 2014
  • “The personal nature of the training sessions was invaluable and gave me a chance to ask questions and be honest about difficulties in a comfortable environment. I would have felt very awkward asking questions about utilising my own personal experiences, had I been in a large lecture theatre.” Successful Medical School Applicant, Monash University
  • “I am so glad that I had Claire to help me with my medical interview preparation for Melbourne University. She was kind, approachable and knew how to help me and explained exactly what I was in for. Throughout my sessions she helped me to see qualities that I hadn’t seen in myself and had a world of knowledge and experience from training hundreds of people in my position. I could call on her when needed and I really felt I had the confidence to go head first into my interview.” Successful Medical School Applicant, University of Melbourne, August 2013
  • She helped to refine my answers and gave the expertise that is often lacking in medical training. Advanced Trainee

  • “Claire did an excellent job in helping me to prepare for my interviews at US hospitals. She was very professional and her insights and tips were particularly useful and gave me more confidence in approaching the interview questions. She did a lot of research and was thoroughly prepared prior to our meetings. She helped to refine my answers and gave the expertise that is often lacking in medical training.” Advanced Trainee

  • “Working with Claire was an absolute pleasure. She was clearly invested in me as a person, and worked with me in the way that I needed, holistically, and not just according to a set price list. I called her on very short notice when I got an interview for a CEO position at a new not-for-profit organisation. Claire did everything she could to make herself available, and was an enormous help in preparing me. She accurately identified the sort of questions I would be asked, provided advice on how to best to highlight my experience and skills, and helped me practice my answers. She also provided invaluable advice as to how recruiting companies operate, from her own experience. I went through the whole process buoyed by the confidence that Claire’s support had given me – to a successful outcome. She went above and beyond – and was even available when I called for further urgent advice on negotiating a salary! Thanks Claire – I’d recommend you to anyone.” CEO

  • “I just want you to know how much the sessions, your support and advice have meant to me. Thanks for everything!” Paramedic

  • “I just wanted to say how valuable your executive coaching was as I kicked my career back into overdrive following a more leisurely period of child rearing. Discussions with you helped me to redefine my goals and evaluate my priorities. I’m back at the top table of corporate life and loving it. Without a doubt, I owe you my sincere gratitude for pointing me in the direction of my AWOL ‘mojo’, and giving me the confidence to embark on a new life that will not only benefit my family, but also fulfill my professional aspirations.” J, new CEO of International Children’s Charity

  • “Thank you so much for helping me get my dream job! Your support and knowledge gave me great confidence throughout the interview process.” Paramedic

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