Claire Berry Consulting

Ensure you are as competitive as you can be and have a career coaching program tailor-made to your requirements.
Did you know that when you do interview training with Claire Berry Consulting you will get access to a comprehensive package which covers every element of your interview? This includes personal analysis of your CV to identify competitive answers to use in your interview, one on one sessions to discuss and form your answers, mock interviews, assistance with answering every type of question including case based ethical scenarios, information on presentation and body language from a trained panel interviewer and most importantly feedback on improving your answers. You don’t have to watch anyone else practice in a large group. Just you.

Interview Training


  • Intensive interview training for the MMI, Medical panel interviews, case, behavioural and/or one on one interviews.
  • Receive career coaching on strategies that guarantee a polished performance, manage nerves and ensure you stand out from the competition to Selection Committees and recruiting and executive search professionals.
  • Coaching for specific jobs and graduate interviews including learning how to present your experience in the best light and developing answers that demonstrate knowledge of the industry.
  • Learn how to become an accomplished interview candidate for the rest of your career.


Professional Resumes

  • Resume professionally prepared / updated to give you the best chance of getting an interview.
  • Communicate tangible achievements and experience that will appeal to future employers.
  • Receive constructive feedback on how to best market yourself.

Job Applications

  • Working with Claire as your career coach will enable you to write an application that will stand out from thousands of other entries.
  • Ensure your application and cover letter will satisfy key selection criteria, demonstrate experience or transferable skills and reflect adequate research of the company’s strategy and values.

Job Search Strategies / Career Coaching

  • Choose your next move – discuss industries and roles that are of potential interest and that your experience and skills may fit.
  • Learn how to find jobs that are advertised and those that are not and develop a strategy to search both the local and international hidden job markets.

Have a program tailor made to your requirements and give yourself a head start in the employment market.

Consulting rooms available in Northcote and CBD, Melbourne.