Claire Berry Consulting

Specialist Entry and Consultant Interview Training
Medical Interview Training for Doctors (at all levels including Basic Training, Advanced and Fellowship)

Our personally tailored program is conducted either in person or via skype to accommodate work commitments.

The program is dedicated to providing all clients with knowledge, confidence and skills through:

Please note: Each training session is confidential and is tailored to your specific goals. Any competitive information you bring to the training session
will remain confidential.


Why us?

With over 10 years experience in the medical sector, Claire Berry is a highly experienced interview coach. She has a proven track record of assisting clients get roles at every major Australian hospital and places in all of the following training programs:

These specialities are highly competitive and often have only 7-14 places each year, with hundreds of highly experienced doctors applying for each role.

Learn more about our program and let us assist you achieve success.

“In the highly competitive application process for sub-specialty surgical training, Claire was an exceptional interview coach. She had thoroughly prepared
for each session to offer sound advice. Claire was attentive, intuitive, methodical and a skilled communicator who provided much insight!” 
Successful Applicant,
Surgical Trainee

“I was recommended to Claire to prepare me for an interview for a senior position in the Federal Department of Health and Ageing. She brought a wealth
of experience to our meeting, and had thoroughly researched the position I was applying for and related this directly to my professional experience. She provided me with
invaluable advice in how to highlight my capabilities at interview, and how anticipate and reply to interview questions designed to be challenging. I have no hesitation in
recommending her to others.” 
Senior Doctor, Major Metropolitan Hospital

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Consulting rooms available in Northcote and CBD Melbourne.