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No other organisation has as much senior medical interview training experience as us. Our competitors tell you how many people they train, we tell you how many of our clients got a place in a speciality program or received a job offer.
Utilise Claire’s experience to your advantage and progress your medical career.

2019/2020 Success Rates

>In 2019, we achieved a for Consultant and Head of Unit roles at major tertiary hospitals in SA, WA, QLD, NSW & VIC including the Princess Margaret, Fiona Stanley, Western, RCH & RMH.

> In 2019, who conducted our customised interview training who received an interview were successful in obtaining places in training programs and in hospitals.

> comes from referral from previous successful clients who are now in their specialty or job of choice.

> Many of our clients were ranked in the in their SET training interviews. Our clients provided overwhelming feedback that this would not have been possible without our training.

“Training places continue to be oversubscribed, forcing graduates to take jobs elsewhere or wait years in the hope of a chance.”

However, we continue to assist clients year on year to achieve places on every surgical and medical training program including Ophthalmology, ENT, General, Cardiothoracic, Plastic, Orthopaedics, Paediatric surgery, Urology, Vascular, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Cardiology and Neurology.

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