Successful Medical Students 2020

In 2020, many of our clients received offers for multiple medical schools. Our clients received places at Monash, Melbourne, Deakin, University of NSW, University of Sydney, JMP University of New England & Newcastle, Charles Sturt, Bond, University of Queensland, JCU, Adelaide University and Flinders University.

Successful Medical Student applicant 2020

I felt really calm before the interview. The research that we talked about on different health issues made me feel that I was really prepared. Melbourne University

Successful Medical Student applicant 2020

This is an amazing service to be able to offer your child. Claire has years of experience doing this training and continually gets results. Parent of applicant for Charles Sturt

Successful Medical Student applicant 2020

Thank you so much for your guidance, help and support in preparation for all my interviews. I honestly think I couldn’t have been successful in these interviews without your help, as they were so insightful and thorough. Monash University

Successful medical Student applicant 2020

“My son got multiple offers. It is all your hard work and the excellent program that you conduct for students. I highly recommend this for every keen and deserving student. We will get in touch when my kids go for medical job interviews.” Parent 2020

Successful Medical Student applicant 2019

Just letting you know that the interview went well, and Monash have offered me a place in medicine for 2019! I wanted to thank you again for teaching me the skills I needed in order to go into that final stage with confidence and a plan, and I know it made a difference. Monash University

100% success rate for post graduate students in 2019

We are delighted that in 2019 currently 100% of our post graduate clients have achieved places in the medical courses of their choice. We believe that this would not be possible without the one on one personal sessions that we offer from an interview professional. See our client’s feedback below.

Successful Medical Student applicant 2019

I am so relieved about getting a place. Thank you so much for all your assistance. I know that it was extremely helpful in preparing me for the interview. Deakin University  

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